Talent Recruitment Software Features

Searching through job applications in your email or roaming through hand delivered applications can be a long and tedious task. With ABCi Linkup, all applicant information is gathered and made searchable in one place.

Key Features of this module:

  • Lower Recruitment Cost: Reduce the size of your recruitment infrastructure by using our Automated Talent Selection Engine (ATSETM) with built-in workflow facility. You will be able to decentralize your recruitment process to the different departments while maintaining the flexibility at the branch level.

  • Increase The Standard Of Your Quality Of Hire: Search among the largest possible pool of the most highly skilled 'Talents' using our 'Automated Talent Selection Engine' (ATSETM).

  • Reduce Recruitment Turnaround Time: Make your recruitment process more efficient and effective by using our Automated Talent Selection Engine (ATSETM) instead of sorting through resumes one at a time.

  • Raise The Bar On Your New Hire Retention: Utilize our large talent pool to redefine or further tweak your job requirements by creating different what-if-scenario. Get immediate response on the number of persons that best meet your requirement. This will provide a better picture of the available competencies in the job market.

  • Customizable questionnaires: Create customizable questionnaires to collect detail information from candidates that extend beyond their resume.