ABCi Pay System Software

ABCi Pay is a comprehensive payroll processing system that can be implemented as a stand-alone module or as part of a complete Human Resource Management Suite. As a company expands a reliable system becomes critical. ABCi Pay offers a system that processes employee payments accurately, quickly and seamlessly.

With ABCi Pay

  • Multiple pay cycles can run simultaneously
  • Payroll information can be tracked over time and useful reports quickly produce
  • Detail pay stubs can be generated for each employee that can be viewed online or printed out at anytime
  • Hard and soft rules can be created
  • Users can add Payroll transactions for future payroll runs
  • Unlimited number of payrolls can be added
  • Unlimited number of employees, user defined pay types, deductions and benefits can be created
  • Employees can appear on more than one payroll at the same time
  • Deductions can be processed based on assigned priority
  • General Ledger output

With ABCi PayIntel

  • Apply Business Intelligence to your payroll data
  • Improve monitoring and controls within your payroll process
  • Detect and prevent payroll fraud and theft